Singleness, or, What I Did On Valentines Day

Do you know what I did today? I spent four hours on Wikipedia, managed to depress myself with it, and subsequently have a panic attack because of what I read. Then I wrote outlines for AP Gov. Such is the life of a boy-shy almost sixteen-year-old geek. And you know what, today wasn’t so bad (aside from the whole panic attack thing…) I don’t have a problem with Valentines Day, sure, it’s commercialized but what isn’t. It’s just, sometimes I wish I didn’t freak out whenever a guy starts to look at me as more then a friend. Still, because I have no social life, a day spent on a wiki and doing homework isn’t that bad. Happy Valentines Day to you, people that I wished visited this blog to read about me bitch about life ❤ (comic from xkcd)


Happy Darwin Day!

Happy Darwin Day! My evolutionary hero It is a day to celebrate the birth of a man who changed the science world forever. Sign the petition to have President Obama declare February 12 Darwin Day ( Of course, you may piss off any creationist friends you may have (I know I have), but hey, doesn’t one of biology’s most important contributors deserve at least a day to recognize his achievements?

High Heels and Feminism

I like shoes. Mind you, I hate shoe shopping and I only have 5 pairs of shoes, but I still enjoy them.

I have a pair of black knockoff Chucks for tech crew. They’re older than me, repaired with gaff tape so many times you don’t see canvas anymore, and the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had.

Then there are my gym sneakers. What can I say, I got them for 15 bucks at Target, their soles are almost rubbed away, and they are perpetually covered in mud from when I walk my dogs.

I have a pair of winter boots for the Maryland winter so I can walk home from school. They’re black and fuzzy inside. My biggest splurge on shoes ever, I paid 40 bucks for them.

My favorite pair, my purple Chucks (these are actually real).  They were a gift from my mom for my 4.0 my freshman year. I literally wear these everywhere. Of course, purple doesn’t work with all colors but I really don’t give a shit, they’re purple damnit!

And then there is the pair of high heels. Hidden in the very back of my closet lies the bane of old school feminists, a pair of 3 inch stiletto strappy heels. To the surprise of those who know me as the notorious klutz I am, I am actually fully capable of walking in these shoes. It took many hours of practice with my cousin’s wife to ensure I wouldn’t trip down the aisle at their wedding but I can now pull off walking in heels.

This actually brings me to the point of this entry. I consider myself a feminist. I also enjoy wearing high heels (they make me feel sexy). Does this make me a hypocrite? Some women would have you believe that yes, yes you am a dirty, skanky traitor to your sex for wearing high heels. Do I think I’m betraying my sex? No, that’s just stupid. I honestly do not believe that I’m objectifying myself for the male sex. I think that by giving myself the choice to wear either a pair of ratty Chucks or a slinky pair of pumps and not giving a damn what guys think, I empower myself. I can be sexy and desirable or earthy and geektastic (or all four) no matter what shoe I wear. Of course, if I know that I’m going to be running a marathon, I’m not going to wear high heels. And if, heaven forbid, I ever have to go to a gala, I’m not going to wear 18 year old Chucks. So what if they make some guys think I look good? You think that no man has ever dressed up to impress a woman?

My point is, its not shoes that hold us down, it’s the thought that we are sex objects and nothing more. There are plenty of powerful women that wear stilettos and still kick ass. You’ll find CEO’s, doctors, engineers, and a million other occupations where women are top dogs with heels. Maybe they enjoy walking past a group of men and watching jaws drop. Or maybe they find it empowering to be able to look into a mans eyes that they usually literally look up to because he’s a few inches taller.

On the other hand, I’m not suggesting that every woman go out and buy herself a pair of heels. Don’t wear them if you don’t find them uncomfortable, unsuitable for what you are doing, medically inappropriate, or just plain don’t like them. Do it because you want to, not because your boss, or your boyfriend/husband, or your bestest buddy EVAR says you should.

Of course, the medical impact of high heels is always a big turnoff as well. So girls, talk to your doctor about how to not jack up your feet for life.

And for the love of god don’t go out and buy yourself a pair of fuck-me shoes. They are one of the many reasons many feminists dislike high heels. They’re bad for your body and looking like you’re whoring yourself out does nothing for the goal of liberated women.

So sure, go out and splurge a little. Buy a pair of high heels that make you feel like you can take on the world with your brains and your body. Rock what cha got, sister.

And so the Terror Begins

Hi. My New Years Resolution is to start blogging. I’m going to consider this a test blog.

Oh Joy, Talking About Myself or “My Shrink Would be Shitting Bricks Right Now”

If you haven’t read my bio, I suppose I should tell you some stuff about me. Well… I’ve lived my entire life in the same house in the suburbs of Maryland, I’m a very liberal person, and definitely an introvert. I’m in high school and I’m hell bent in getting into a good college, I’m a bio-geek, and I’m very easy to annoy. I find internet memes hilarious, I’m agnostic-but leaning toward atheism-, and alternative is my favorite kind of music. My blog title comes from when I was little (2001) and still played with Barbies. I read about the anthrax attacks in a newspaper and thought it was a interesting word. So I named my Barbie Princess Anthrax and today, AnthraxPrincess the blogger was born.